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"2Rich Productions is a creative partnership between Richard Clark, who can write but barely draw a stick figure, and Rich Murray, who can draw but barely write his own name. Combining their strengths (and weaknesses), they recently created Scratch & Sniff: Pet Investigators, an e-book app for Storypanda, currently available in the App Store. But their story started long before that…"

Creative Partnership 2Rich Productions via Design Juices

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This story app from Fitz Fitzpatrick and Storypanda made my eyeballs do that cartoony thing where they bulge out and bounce back in. Timmy Tompkins Awesome Fantasy Comic Book Superhero Adventure is a rowdy read. And hear and play and write-for-yourself, for that matter. It’s a perfect mashup for the senses, and its clean design and bold typography is just plain perfect.
Design of The Picture Book by Carter Higgins

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Master typography for book illustrations: 7 pro tips

"It’s a kid’s book. The typography should have just as much importance as the illustrations themselves, they should work together.  Hence, it’s fair to say that I really wanted to go to town with the typography when it came to doing my own book, and hopefully I did. So here are a few general tips and that to help when incorporating typography into your illustration, whether it be for a one off piece or a children’s book."

Read the rest of the article by Fitz Fitzpatrick on Creative Bloq.

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Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer Estefani Bravo | Design Juices

We love showcasing our super talented illustrators. Estefani Bravo illustrated our geographical children’s book Lucy’s First Flight. Read more about what inspires her on Design Juices.

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