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It’s official - my first iPad app is launched today!

"Where did the Oddsoks go?” is an interactive children’s book app available on the iPad. I created the illustrations, co-writing the story with Alex Everitt. The app was developed and published in collaboration with Storypanda.

"Where did the Oddsoks go?" is the story of a young boy called Jimi, whose socks strangely start disappearing one day. While trying to solve the mystery, Jimi discovers a note from the Oddsoks, a mob of mischievous creatures who have borrowed the socks to help them on their globetrotting adventure.

Readers can also create and share their own stories. They are able to choose a character and join the Oddsoks as they travel around the world (and even to space) with Jimi’s odd socks.

"Where did the Oddsoks go?" is available to buy now from the App Store.

More information can be found at


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And here is it! The Trouble With Falling Asleep, a bedtime story for the iPad and my first children’s book, is available to download through the app store! Help Pete stop imaginary criminals and battle imaginary monsters so he can finally get some shut-eye.

I couldn’t be more excited to share it. And thanks so much to Storypanda for the opportunity.

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